Convey- and overloadsnail

Historically, the screw conveyor is one of the most enduring in practice handling equipment. Originally, the tube screw conveyor was used for the transport of water. Even today we find auger before in many different industries. They are effective, fast, compact and flexible.
The company TAM insbesondre, operation Mechterstädt part, has accepted the challenge and several high-performance screw conveyor designed and built. As a loading worm in agriculture, the TAM-auger type Limax have proven many times. From the experiences of practical experience, TAM design engineers of the Department of screw conveyors technically balanced and durable products are designed.
The use of high-quality materials is also a guarantee for the high quality of these products.
We would love to get in front of our dock screw, as you know, in practice, only proves the quality.

Wolfgang Schade
Operating conductor

Special applications

> Special to customer request!

Your suggestions, ideas and wishes to be our challenge. Do you mean this are words only? A example of a seed drill, the innovative designers of TAM have implemented the customer wishes, and how accurately and creatively all employees of the operating part Mechterstädt to the implementation of the demands made are gone. Mobile dock snails are in TAM Range FS series designation under. These are produced as standard with a capacity of 30 t / h and 50 t / h and are available with a street legal up to 40 mph.

Technical data - function parameter