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„Creative thinking and quality-conscious action for the success of our customers!!“

In this modern OP has the machinery for the agricultural technology industry has a long and fruitful tradition. Building on the experience of recent decades has developed a forward looking, progressive company whose staff are distinguished by their expertise and their craftsmanship. The expertise lies primarily in the construction of the following equipment and components that we develop and produce for well-known manufacturers:

  • (Rapsvorsätze und Rapskits für Mähdrescher zur Rapsernte,)
  • (Schneidwerkswagen für Mähdrescherschneidwerke)
  • (und Überladeschnecken.)

Another important basis for this production is the modern machine base, which is in the OP Mechterstädt available. The combination of consultancy, design and production is the foundation for solving your problems.

Another area in OP Mechterstädt the agricultural technology. You will also find qualified and motivated staff, who deal specifically with the tasks and challenges and provide you with cost effective solutions. In this section you will find the following services:

  • Trade in Agriculture,
  • aftermarket,
  • a modern workshop services for agricultural machinery
  • (und die Einzugsschneckeninstandsetzung für Mähdrescherschneidwerke.)

You can find more information on our home page » Machine and » Argicultral technology.

We look forward to your tasks!
Wolfgang Schade
OP Head